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Children’s Dentistry

Here at Lushington Dental Practice, we pride ourselves on being great with Children as well as Adults.

We strive to get children seen as young as possible so that they can get used to our environment and get to know the team. This process is called “desensitisation” and allows children to develop a healthy association with the dentist, rather than one of fear.

From Birth- 18 years of age….

Children can be seen privately at our practice – all childrens fees are 50% of the adult fee. We also offer Denplan Essentials for children, starting from as little as £6.25 per month.

Our aim is to educate and help parents and children maintain a happy healthy smile for life. Prevention is always better than cure. We like to focus on prevention and a few tips for keeping your children’s teeth healthy are…

– Ensure that they Brush Twice Daily with a manual toothbrush (0-8 years of age) under supervision or Electric from 8 years of age
– Always use a Fluoride Toothpaste-encourage them to “spit out” not “rinse out”
– NICE Guidelines for toothpaste are:

Children’s treatments include:

Please ask the team or your dentist for more information.

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