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Conscious Sedation

Scared or Nervous?

There really is no need to be we are proud to be able to offer an in-house Conscious Sedation Service. This is carried out by our Consultant Mr John Tighe who works with us on a weekly basis.

What is Intra-venous Sedation?

This is where a small needle is placed in the back of your hand or your forearm to allow us to administer a drug called Midazolam. This is an opiate-based drug that slowly relaxes you and has an amnesic effect. This allows us to communicate with you and carry out the procedure as we would if you were having treatment normally, but you cannot recall the procedure. You will still need a local anaesthetic, but will not remember having one! Your sedation will be administered by Mr Tighe, but your dental treatment will be carried out by your dentist.

Does it hurt?

No more than a little prick at the area of access for the injection. The drug can sometimes feel cold and but its advantage is it works very quickly so it will only ever be for a very short period of time.

Do I need to take time off work?

For us to be able to treat you under sedation, you must have an adult escort who can bring you to your appointment and look after you for 24hours. This is because the drug we use has a long afterlife, meaning that it can still have an effect for upto 24hours. During this period, it is very likely that you will feel absolutely fine and feel that you can carry on as normal. However, you are advised to not operate any machinery or drive, as your insurance will be invalid. It is wise you contact your employer with regards to whether you need to have leave or not.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01323 720094.

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